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Sound Therapy

Whether you’re an individual, a couple, or a group looking for a new relaxing experience - Balancing sound therapy sessions are designed to reduce your stress and assist you in the healing process. It is also great in collaboration with yoga, art therapy, and other healthcare modality events.

Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage Session


90 mins individual session (60 mins sound therapy + consultation with tea.) $120 

In combination with theories of Ayurveda, five Singing Ring® bowls are used to create a sound dome around you. The harmonic sound and vibrations that the bowls create will resonate with your body and mind during the session. There are three types of Harmonic Sound Lymphatic Drainage sessions. Each session uses different sound therapy techniques, an unique blend of aroma spray, an original blend of herbal tea, and lifestyle advice. These features will relax your five senses and balance your body and mind. This powerful sound therapy session will enhance your natural healing ability, promote a detox process and harmonize your mental and physical state.

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Sound & Vibrational Meditation


1-hour group session $35~$45 p.p.(from 4 people to 14 people)

With the help of the harmonic sound overtones of Singing Ring® and it's vibration, you will feel relaxed and rejevuvenated just by lying down on the yoga mat. Sound and vibrational meditation is an easy and powerful way to get you to the mediative state. Check the monthly group meditation near you or invite Yoshie to organise your private group session. The collaboration of restorative yoga, dance and other events are also very popular.

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90 mins individual session or your preferred price.

Give someone you love a relaxing and rejevuvenating experience. The session is avaliable in Northside of Brisbane, QLD, Australia.

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Terms & Conditions

The sessions provided are for relaxation purposes but not for medical treatment.

If you are taking any medication or receiving medical treatments, please consult with your health care professional before your appointment.

Payment can be bank transfered or paid in cash. When you cancel your appointment, no refunds are avaliable. However, the session can be transfered to another person or applied to a rescheduled date.

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