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About Singing Ring®︎

Miracle healing instrument from Japan


Singing Ring®︎ is a healing instrument invented in Japan. It is hand made by traditional Japanse craftsmen with crystal-infused metals. Singing Ring®︎ is called a “Miracle Instrument’ by Japanese scientists for the following reasons:



It produces a wide range of harmonic overtones.   


Each of the same-sized bowls is tuned perfectly and resonates with each other.​


By attaching the suction cup to the bowl, a variety of vibrational sound therapies are possible.​


When you fill the bowl with water, a 2D hexagram appears on the surface when it is played in a circular motion. A hexagram is a figure that demonstrates the most stable energy.​​​

Reference: Sion Inc. website

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About Balancing Sound Therapy

Sound therapy with Singing Ring®︎


Academic research conducted in Japan demonstrates that the sound of Singing Ring®︎ effectively improves our mental and physical condition. 


Balancing sound therapy will use five Singing Ring®︎ bowls around you. You'll be in a sound bath of Harmonic Overtones and feel the vibrations directly on your body.  It helps to balance body fluid, the nervous system, and the digestive system in your body. Also, it will help your body and mind to maintain a healthy state and prevent illness.

Check the scientific researches conducted in Japan at Sion Inc. website.

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About : About Me

About the Therapist

Singing Ring Certified Sound Therapist


Yoshie Dixon was born in Japan and has lived in Brisbane since 1997. In the past, she has worked in life coaching, and sound therapy sessions using Tuning Forks, Crystal Bowl, and Healing Lyre. She is one of Singing Ring Association Certified Therapists.  She provides private sessions and group meditations in Brisbane and other areas.

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