Sound Therapy

For Body, Mind, and Spirit

We are surrounded by sound.  Each sound has a unique frequency and affects us physically and emotionally. Harmonic overtones have a healing effect and Singing Ring®︎ produces wide range of Harmonic Overtones.  Balancing sound therapy with Singing Ring®︎ will reduce your stress, enhance your natural inner healing power, and balance your body, mind, and spirit.



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Rest & Reset

2-hour Sound therapy & Restorative Yoga in Brisbane, every last Saturday or Sunday of the month.

Relax and Detox your body and mind with Restorative Yoga and Singing Ring Sound Therapy.

Individual Crown therapy & Herbal tea is included.

Last Saturday or Sunday of every month.


$45 p.p.  Max 10 people

@Soho Yoga, Grange

More info & Booking at