Sound Therapy

For Body, Mind, and Spirit

We are surrounded by sound.  Each sound has a unique frequency and affects us physically and emotionally. Harmonic overtones have a healing effect and Singing Ring®︎ produces wide range of Harmonic Overtones.  Balancing sound therapy with Singing Ring®︎ will reduce your stress, enhance your natural inner healing power, and balance your body, mind, and spirit.



Up Coming Events & Offers

Rest & Reset

2-hour Sound therapy & Restorative Yoga, Ascot, on every last Saturday of the month.

Relax and Detox your body and mind with resorative Yoga, Indian Head massage and Singing Ring Sound Therapy.

Individual Crown therapy & Herbal tea is included.

Last Saturday of every month.


$45 p.p.  Max 10 people

@Soho Yoga, Ascot

More info & Booking at



Everton Hills, Brisbane QLD, Australia

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